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On the 1st February 1967 a company named G-Max Research was formed and established by Peter Billinton and Anthony Densham. The company, of family orientation had two main interests. Firstly, research and development of highly specialised electronic equipment and secondly, speciality fuels and lubricants for bespoke high performance I/C engines.

After a successful first year and almost to the day 12 months later this company was officially registered at Companies House in the City of London on 20th Feb 1968.

This family business after trading for 10 years then became a Limited liability by Shares Company on the 21st April 1977. A further 20 years of successful trading followed and in 1997 a sister company was formed carrying the G-Max family logo and continuing all activities as G-Max Research had done previously, but with the exception of the electronics division allowing the diversification of the speciality chemicals division to be managed by Peter’s son Antony who had already many years of experience within G-Max. The speciality chemicals division of the company is today known as

G-Max Chemitech.

Now in its 4th decade G-Max is a well known leading force in many specialised markets offering high quality products to a varied clientele and amazingly still having commercial involvement with some of it’s original customers and suppliers dating back to the late 1960’s, thus demonstrating it’s steadfast business ethics.